Easter Sunday afternoon in 2017 was amazing for me.  That was the day I was validated by best-selling author, professor and thought leader Mark Schaefer. Mark has an audience of thousands and is a regular speaker at Uber conferences like SXSW, and is a professor at Rutgers and has written 6 books including KNOWN: The Handbook For Building And Unleashing Your Personal Brand In The Digital Age. He has a weekly podcast and writes one of the top ten marketing blogs in the world. With those credentials, Mark Schaefer endorsement, no matter how small can carry a lot of weight.

This is what Mark Schaefer wrote to me in response to my initial message to him:

This is awesome. I checked out your site and YOU are awesome! : ) 

If it's OK with you, I would like to run this on my blog as a blog post. I think people need to hear this.

Could you answer a couple of questions, if you don't mind? What would you say is your sustainable interest -- what you're known for, specifically?

What kind of content did you publish to establish your personal brand? I see you do quite a few YouTube videos, or is there something else?

Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to connect with me.


Mark W. Schaefer

Executive Director, Schaefer Marketing Solutions


The best part about this entire exchange was the fact that it happened so quickly.

After listening to The Social Media Examiner podcast with host Michael Stelzner’s interview with Mark Schaefer, I wanted to connect immediately with Mr. Schaefer because I felt like I’d finally found my kindred spirit! He really got me and understood my inspiration and articulated what I had dedicated my entire life doing. Like no other this man unpacked everything that I am about.

The fact that I was intimately familiar with Mark Schaefer’s topic inspired me to bare my soul in an email. The connection was obvious and visceral especially on my part.  This familiarity with the subject of KNOWN helped me to quickly write the email about my experience with becoming known. My first and only draft was extremely raw and revealing. I was Brene’ Brown vulnerable. To be honest I only intended my email to be seen by Mark but when he said that he wanted to share my story I had to go with it.

After reading the published blog post on Mark Schaefer’s I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved my writing. In fact, I’ve received nothing but love for the blog post. It is hard to believe that it took me twenty minutes to craft and send the heartfelt message that changed my life.