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media coaching e-course


1 on 1 weekly phone-call with Faith

                                                                                                                     Online course for 12 weeks

Through a relentless pursuit of excellence and a genuine interest in your success, I’ll help build your credibility and elevate your position in your industry in a style that is down-to-earth, collaborative, and persuasive while connecting you with those who share like minded goals.

level 1 

  • —Conquering Your Fears
  • —Creating Your Elevator Pitch
  • —The 5 C’s of Schmingling
  • —Pursuing Your Dreams

level 2 

  • —Building Social Credibility
  • —Enhancing Your Market Relevancy
  • —Preparing to Take the Stage
  • —Media Training
  • —Positioning to Profit

level 3 

  • —Mastering Networking
  • —Creating Your Media Package
  • —Getting Published
  • —How to Interview Celebrities

What are you waiting for? Master your network and build social credibility today.